Sunday 1st July 2018: Piccadilly Pitchers Cricket Club vs N2 Cricket Club
A swelteringly hot day and our regular foes Piccadilly Pitchers.  Following on from our close game against Elite where extras was the difference between the two teams, N2 lost the toss and were asked to field by PP who were short of many of their regulars.  However, N2 also fielded a changed team and a 35 over match was scheduled.
Bhatt opened the bowling with Zafer Abbas at the other end hoping to improve on his showing in the last match.  As the game got under way, 4 balls into his over and Bhatt had already given away more runs that in his last game with the opener Anru scoring two fours at the square leg boundary.  Whilly Bhatt then threw down a slower off cutter and the opener mis-read the bounce and was caught behind by Yuvraj Rawat.  A good start was then followed by two more wickets, one for Bhatt throwing down another slower deliver and the batsman trying to hit straight but missing, and the third wicket falling to a great pick up and throw by Faraz Naqvi hitting the stumps as the batsman struggled. Eight overs bowled and Nick Young was welcomed back to the fold having not played for over a year due to work commitments.  Young bowled well and to his field and was rewarded with a wicket when the left hander mis-read the pace on the ball and looped the shot up to Bhatt at short mid-on. Abbas bowled well and was also rewarded with a wicket with his faster semi-yorker taking out the stumps.  Ammar Naqvi, finally able to play a game having been on N2’s books for a couple of years and was struggling to find the right length although the pace was troubling the batsmen. A fast ball outside off tempted the batsman who was only able to edge the shot to Yuvi for his second caught behind.  PPCC were throwing away their wickets with poor shot selection and Abdul Firfire came on to bowl four overs for 14 succeeding in his third over with a wicket as again the batsman swung and missed only for the ball to hit off stump.  Shahram Mirzababae, also back from exile having moved south of the river, bowled sensibly  and was unlucky not to pick up a wicket.  Enter Simon Dyer with Bhatt at the other end.  Three wickets left and Simon bowled straight and to a length giving him great figures of 2 overs, 2 runs for 2 wickets!  Bhatt closed out the innings by taking the last wicket as the PPCC skipper was again tempted to hit straight to long off where Faraz Naqvi took a good catch on the rope.  A very good bowling and fielding performance set N2 an achievable target of 100 on what looked like a good batting pitch.
With Simon Dyer feeling the effects of the heat he happily stepped down the order meaning Faraz and Dave Parker were to open the batting.  Both Dave and Faraz played sensibly for the first few overs as the bowling was tight.  However, Faraz picked off the bad balls and was moving on swftly but was undone trying to hit one too many to the ropes and was bowled for 11.  Firfire came in at No.3 and was quickly into his stride looking to put pressure on the fielders by looking for quick singles.  Having batted for 9 overs, Firfire was outdone by a straight one and given LBW for 11 bringing Yuvraj Rawat to bat.  After a tenuous start where he could have been out cheaply he got his feet working and with better shot selection started to build his partnership with Parker, all the while picking his shots without too much trouble.  Both were enjoying themselves and saw N2 to victory in the 27th over Dave ending on 42 and Yuvi on 13 including a mighty 6 to deep square.
Good fielding and bowling helped by good sensible batting meant cricket (and N2) were the winners!
Man of the match: Dave Parker for his unbeaten 42 having nearly fallen asleep in the field due to lack of action!
Bhatt S                                  -           6.3 overs – 2 maidens - 12 runs - 3 wickets
Abbas Z                                 -           6          1          27        1
Young N                                -           2          0          6          1
Rawat R                                 -           2          0          5          0
Naqvi A                                 -           3          0          13        1
Firfire A                                 -           4          0          14        1
Mirzababae S                         -           2          0          13        0
Dyer S                                    -           2          1          2          2

Extras 15
Total 99 for 10 in 27.3 overs

D. Parker                               - not out 42
F. Naqvi                                 - Bowled 11
A. Firfire                                - LBW 11
Y Rawat                                 - not out 13