Match Report for Sunday 29th June 2014 HOME vs Haringey Librarians CC

We had a strong team selected and we wondered if the weather would hold out.  A few clouds in the air and slight wind made me think it would be an eventful day.

Having lost dramatically last week, Bhatt was hoping to win the toss and field but alas the choice was not his to make!  No worries though as the Librarians' skipper elected to bat as their recent form meant they had a stronger balling line-up.  However, Bhatt knew better as HLCC had always managed to have one batsman who somehow evaded throwing his wicket away or somehow score anything between 70 and 150!

Bhatt had a choice of openers for once and prior to the start, decided to open with himself and Paul Dodd but as we trudged out for the opening over, Dodd decided to relegate himself as he was struggling with a cold or flu and so Richard Jacobi was drafted in to open from the other end.  First ball for the rarely seen Jacobi and WHAT A CORKER! The No.2 had no chance!  Under his bat and smashing middle and off stumps!  The No.3, HLCC skipper came in, fended off four balls and then launched the next over the ropes... ohoh!  Fifth over and Bhatt had the young opener tied up but couldn't get through his defence.  Then came the slower ball and the No.1 fell into the trap sending his shot weakly to mid-on and Kamran Butt had a dolly of a catch.  A wild next over from Jacobi saw everything with a wide, four, single and no-ball before he managed to sneak another under the bat and what a start for N2CC.  It wasn't over with the next over bringing the champagne moment of the day as Bhatt strolled up and got the HLCC skipper to drive one straight through to extra cover where Emile dived majestically to his left, stuck his left hand out and... Bhatt thought he'd missed it but no! It stuck!  Great catch!!! HLCC at four for 27.  The next over for Bhatt and a proper cricket wicket with Bhatt inviting the No.6 to hit out with a slightly wider one and 'Thank you very much' said the wicket keeper!  Bhatt had another one in his very next over with another teaser outside off and another catch for Newham as wicket-keeper.  That was four wickets in Bhatt's last four overs and HLCC were 34 for 6.  Then the proper batsmen came in and blocked... they still had an hour and a half or more to bat so they took their time and somehow... yes it's amazing but they put on a 54 partnership.  Dodd (who was suffering from Man-Flu) and Wilson were bowling after a two over spell for Liam Baker.  It was looking like Bhatt and Jacobi needed to come on when Dodd got one between the No.8's bat and body, a faint inside edge and a super catch from Josh as he dived to his left and caught it!  Dodd with a belter of a ball as he got the batsman to miss a ball on the stumps HLCC 8 for 90.  Wilson with some tireless bowling deserved a wicket and got a beauty to be fended to a thankful keeper as Josh had four catches behind and it was the crucial one of the No.5 who had been solid in his batting! The number 11 didn't last long as Wilson was advised to 'just bowl it at his off stump'! And the target was set... 91 to win with only one bye in the innings. 

With 25 mins of HLCC's batting unused, it was N2's though skipper didn't think we'd need it.  Tea... another marvelous effort from Paul Dodd the new tea-lady! Thanks Paul

Not a big target you would think but during tea the heavens opened to wet the pitch and this changed the game.  Whilst N2 batsmen were aware of the pitch in the dry conditions, it was going to play differently and so it did!.  However, we had the Boycott opening partnership as Dave Parker and Simon Dyer went to bat.  The bowlers made it tough and were difficult to get away with three maidens off the first four overs.  No matter... plenty of time.  14 runs off the first 11 overs was not bad as there were no wickets lost.  But it was not long as Dyer was LBW in the next over. One for 14. Bolt )Emile) strode out to bat and announced himself after three ball and a lovely four.  Another run later and he was walking back.  2 for 24. Butt came in and played sensibly but after 14 balls he seemed unsure how to play one on his legs and missed it, walking back to the clubhouse after an LBW decision to the spinner.  3 for 39 as Parker showed how to wait for the bad balls.  Newham to the crease and boy does he like to scare the skipper!  Parker had got away with some well placed shots in the air falling short of the fielders.  After a single to get off the mark, Newham's eyes lit up and he smashed one over the bowler for a lovely six.  Then the unthinkable and Parker was bowled by the spinner with N2 on 48 having scored 24 of the runs.  Younger Bolt (Jacques) came in and Josh hit two more sixes over cow corner hitting the latter into the rubbish bin after a bounce!  Then it started to go wrong as Newham tried to smash another over the ropes and the bails tumbled having scored a quick 21.  Five for 65...  Six for 65 as Jacques also succumbed having scored three after connecting weakly to give an easy catch.  Liam Baker and Andy Wilson at the crease.  Both did well under hostile bowling and managed to add 13 together before Wilson fell to the spinner having scored a battling two runs.  Seven for 78 and soon eight for 80 as Baker was bowled by the opener who had come back on.  Dodd and Jacobi at the crease.  The bowlers would have to do it...
A marvelous display of playing the right shot to the right ball saw Dodd take control of the game.  A smart four and some good running brought N2 to the brink of victory as the opening bowler pitched one slightly leggie and Dodd dispatched it to fine leg for four! Victory! N2 were not going to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory this week!

Man of the match: Josh Newham with some fine keeping to take four edges behind and only giving one bye away.  You could say the bowlers helped but you don't win matches if you don't take your catches!

D. Parker - Bowled 24
S. Dyer - LBW 9
E. Bolt - Bowled 5
K. Butt - LBW 2
J. Newham - Bowled 21
J. Bolt - Caught 3
L. Baker - Bowled 7
A. Wilson - Caught 2
P. Dodd - NOT OUT 13
R. Jacobi - NOT OUT 0
S. Bhatt -  DNB
Extras 5
Total 91 for 8 from 33.4 overs

Bhatt -        8 overs - 2 maidens - 17 runs - 4 wicket(s)
Jacobi -      7           - 0               -  21        - 2
Dodd -        8           - 0               -  24        - 2
Baker -       2           - 0               -  18        - 0
Wilson -     4.3         - 2               -  7          - 7
TOTAL       33.3       - 3               - 87         - 10         

Extras: 15
Wides 9
No balls 3
Byes 1
Leg Byes 2