Match Report for Sunday 15th June 2014 AWAY vs Judd Street Tigers CC

What looked like one of those days where it would be drizzling all day with the chance of showers actually turned into a very pleasant day for cricket.

The skipper had a mare with a late drop out but Dee Hingorani managed to find a player at the 11th hour - Thanks Dee and thanks to Tom Lowe who traveled up from new Crystal Palace on public transport to help us out.

However, there is no way I could find another player when Abdullah, for the second and last time this season, decided not to turn up at all!!!  No phone call, email or text!  This of course meant that we had 10 players against a team which is very hard to beat or prevent in scoring a huge number of runs!

The skipper, still unaware that we were going to play the game with only 10 players in a 40-over slog, went out with the opposition skipper with the actual plan to bat if he won the toss!  Miracles! He won... after a losing streak of 1 win in 7 before the game... but changed his mind and decided to field! WHAT!  Well none of the players saw the pitch or the ruts or the possible slower pace due to the overnight rain and drizzle through the morning.  there was a plan to his madness :)

As N2CC took to the field grudgingly, Bhatt and Dodd opened the bowling and did well although the openers swished their bats. The dangerous No1 was caught LBW in the third over by Bhatt and Dodd bowled well for his 8 overs through finally getting a wicket in his final over... again LBW!  this was to be the story of JSTs day with five wickets falling to the dubious finger but surprisingly five different umpires.  It's why I like playing teams like JST, honest and real proper cricket.  However, the job was not done and there were dangerous batsmen waiting to pepper the boundary.  Bhatt was worried as he bowled five overs and Dodd his 8 in full with no more pace bowlers.  Madness or inspired? He brought on Emile Bolt to turn his arm and was quickly surprised to find the oppo could not hit the bowler. Dyer came on for Dodd and also bowled well.  However, with both openers out, in came a lefty and worringly, the number 4 who punished us last year by hitting a quick 96 to set a target of 265.  This year would be different after Bolt managed to get the finger raised again by the umpire!  The No.3 was still there and had somehow managed to survive.  Dyer bowled the No5 clean for single figures.  Bowling changes brought Wilson to turn his arm and Hingorani with a spin / slow swing combination.  Bhatt toyed with the field, calling Hingorani in off the ropes to try and tease the batsmen into hitting the ball up and Wilson had his wicket in the very next ball!  Dee caught the No.3 on 54!  A few balls later, Bhatt pushed himself out for the oppo skipper who'd scored a quick 31 and Wilson obliged by dropping one slightly shorter and slower for the No6 to hit it straight down the N2 skippers throat!
Some good fielding meant that all bowlers had at least one wicket and we'd managed to restrict JST to 174 off 40 overs with the last 5 overs bringing 10 runs and last 10 overs only bringing 30 runs thanks to some tight bowling from Wilson, Lowe and Bhatt. 

Another proper tea with good choice of sarnies and some cakes meant that we were energised fully for the chase.  Less than 4.5 an over.

Once again, Bhatt reiterated his plan to the top 6 batting order.  Lets get through the first 20 overs without losing wickets to give us a chance to chase down the total in the last 20.  The target was easily gettable but not if we didn't have any wickets in hand.  Thankfully Dyer and Parker had listened and after a couple of streaky 4s from Parker's edge he had found his form again... hopefully!  Dyer lasted 11 overs before he was done by a swinger under his bat but 27 was on the board.  This brought Ifrahim Dar to the crease... a player who hasn't played for a number of years but looked like he could bat.  He could, but alas the timing was out although he managed to get 17 on the board and lasted until the 25th over having put on a 54 partnership with Parker.  81 on the board.  Tom Lowe, having traveled from down south, had a marvelous time at the crease and helped put on 61 with Parker still holding out at the other end with some classy shots before scoring a six and then out two balls later.  Josh came to the crease.  Were we going to get the slow methodical batting we crave from him?  Get his eye in first? Plenty of time... two singles later he was back.  144 for 4 with 8 overs remaining... it could be tight but 31 needed off 48 balls and Parker still there.  Hingorani joined Parker and they pushed on scoring quickly until Parker fell to the dreaded change of bowling tactic.
 Emile Bolt strode to the crease thinking he could get some practice in with not too much pressure on him and he wanted to tickle the ball around but the bowlers were having none of that!  They managed to loop the ball up and with 3 overs and 3 balls remaining, N2CC had won!  The plan worked!

Some critical analysis and celebrating followed before wives reminded some that it was father's day... Yes Father had a lovely day thank you :)

Man of the match: Has to be Dave Parker for a stellar batting performance following on from the two ducks he'd got in his previous and only two innings this season.  The run was broken with some good concentration and a little luck which I think he was due following all the hard work he has put in.  However, an honorable mention to Dee Hingorani who found us two players and could have got another if he'd known we needed one, plus some good work in the field finding himself out on the boundary most the time with the ball following him.  Mention to Emile Bolt also for bowling, and Andy Wilson who I somehow managed to give no notice to that he would be bowling the next ball! 

D. Parker - Bowled 73
S. Dyer - Bowled 8
I. Dar - Bowled 17
T. Lowe - LBW 30
J. Newham - Caught 2
D. Hingorani - NOT OUT 13
E. Bolt - NOT OUT 10
A. Wilson - DNB
P. Dodd - DNB
S. Bhatt - DNB
Extras 23
Total 176 for 5 from 36.5 overs
Bhatt -        8 overs - 1 maidens - 12 runs - 3 wicket(s)
Dodd -        8            0                   45           1
Bolt E -       8            1                   29           1
Dyer -         6            0                   37           1
Wilson -     5            0                   15            2
Hingorani - 3            0                   17           1
Lowe -       2             0                   4             1
TOTAL       40          2                    149        10         

Extras: 25
Wides 10
Byes 5
Leg Byes 10