N2CC v Old Ignation C.C.
Lyttleton Playing Fields, 2pm

"And gentlemen in England now a-bed shall think themselves accursed they
were not here, and hold their manhood's cheap!"

Well not to cheap obviously - Dave Dyer rates his at least two and sixpence
'old money'.

What a game this was against a new 'oppo' the Old Ignations. In the absence
of our trusty skipper Ian Down 'old man' Peter Hart was temporary skipper
and as a clear sign of idiocy immediately gave two fine young 'spare'
players to the under strength opposition. Hart opened the bowling with
himself and the superb (even when injured) Shailesh Bhatt - a man who has
somehow got thinner but greater in stature at the same time. These two
masters of tedium delivered in all 26 overs at a total cost of just 58 runs,
taking 3 wickets between them and we were off to a good start. Dan Couch and
Dave Parker followed up and bowled steadily, before the comedy turns came
on. A definition of comedy best exemplified by Phil O'Conner's truly
majestic 1 over for 15 runs, and Martin Papier's plucky 2 overs finishing
with 1 wicket for 18 runs. When the dust and gales of laughter died down the
'oppo' finished with total of 143 - which seemed beyond our brave lads.

But cometh the hour cometh the man and Dave Parker (our only quality
batsman)  as so often before this season stepped up to the mark and scored a
superb 66. Although others floundered a little everyone contributed valuable
runs before the heroic figure of Tony Kutner, our fifth choice wicketkeeper,
strode out to bat. Wielding his blade like a latter-day Excalibur he put the
Old Ignations to the sword and scored a magnificent 36 not out before being
joined by the unabashed Phil O'Connnor who with no small aplomb struck the
winning 2 runs.

What a win! What a sporting 'oppo'! And what a celebration afterwards, where
several team members (Hart & Papier in particular) broke their own personal
records for conspicuous over-consumption!

Bhatt 14 overs 2 mdns 41 runs for 1
Hart 12 overs 2 mdns 17 runs for 2
Couch 7 overs 0 mdns 20 runs for 1
Parker 3 overs 0 mdns 17 runs for 0
O'Connor 1 overs 0 mdns 15 runs for 0
Papier 2 overs 0 mdns 18 runs for 1

Parker    66
Couch    9
Papier    10
Dyer    11
Kutner    not out 36*
O'COnnor not out 2*

Match won