Apologies for the delay since our last match on 20th Sept but alas we lost.

Somehow we managed to get a team of 10 out but with a few injuries carried onto the
pitch. All we needed were three more batsmen and perhaps a couple of clever bowlers
but we had a good day. Having elected to field, mainly as a couple of our batsmen
were still on their way to the game we fielded exceptionally and bowled pretty well
too with the opponents struggling on 68 for seven! But just when we thought we had
them in trouble, the big hitters came in and plundered a few runs to take Elite to
137 all out in the 35 over match.

Paul Dodd somehow managed to get out of his bed and scramble a delicious tea
together even though his back was out of line! Pity he couldn't play but at least
he stayed and watched the whole match aided by some pain relieving alcohol.

N2 prepared to whittle down the target which was a very reachable target in the 35
overs and with some sensible batting. A much changed lineup still had Simon Dyer at
the start facing some fierce pace but he managed to play some lovely shots. Emile
Bolt (4) who accepted the challenge to bat at No.2 played a beautiful shot to get
off the mark with a boundary but was then given out LBW by his brother Jacques even
though Emile's front foot was close to tripping up the bowler! Jacobi came in at
No.3 and we wondered where he had been hiding his batting prowess until a very nippy
one got through with him on 11 and N2 on 34 for two. Then disaster as we lost
another three wickets for 4 runs which meant the game was all but over with N2 on 38
for five. Once Simon was beaten, again by pace, we began the practice session
whereby Shai Bhatt, Trevor Crouchley and Nirav Shah defended anything that came
their way. The skipper got done by hitting an easy four too tamely straight to
mid-off and then Trevor holed out.

S. Dyer - Bowled 28
E. Bolt - LBW 4
R. Jacobi - Bowled 10
J. Newham - Bowled 0
A. Wilson - Bowled 1
J. Bolt - Bowled 0
A. Shah - Caught 1
S. Bhatt - Caught 11
T. Crouchley - Caught 0
N. Shah - NOT OUT 1
Extras 4
Total 60 for 9 from 18 overs

Bhatt - 12 overs - 2 maidens - 28 runs - 5 wicket(s)
Jacobi - 11 - 1 - 45 - 2
Wilson - 5 - 1 - 18 - 0
Shah A - 2 - 0 - 6 - 2
Shah N - 2 - 0 - 12 - 0
Bolt J - 3 - 0 - 22 - 0
TOTAL 35 - 4 - 131 - 9

Extras: 21
Wides 14
No balls 2
Byes 3
Leg Byes 2

Oh well, a season to remember me thinks with some very enjoyable matches and an even
result at the end of the season with 6 wins and 6 losses and a good run in the Mill
Hill Sixes losing in the Final. The best part was we only had to cancel one game
due to lack of players so well done to all of you who played or assisted in finding
players at the last minute.

Let's hope we have a good winter nets and come back next year even stronger or wiser.

Shai Bhatt