Match Report for Sunday 20th July 2014 AWAY vs Chalfont St Peter CC

I know a lot of players were worried about the predicted thunder storm earlier in the week but what a lovely day it turned out to be! 

Having had two root canals and fillings done on the Friday morning, the captain had to perform some DIY dentistry early on Sunday after a root filling had fallen out - hopefully this wasn't a trend-setter for the day!

The team was optimistic as we'd found the 11th player at the 11th hour as Kamran Butt changed plans and came to our rescue.  Chalfont St Peter have always been fairly strong even with their colts but N2 players wanted to bat... luckily, the captain lost the toss and the home team decided they would bat.  Their No.2 cheered with the choice but Bhatt told the CSP skipper that he wouldn't be cheering at 2.06!!!
We started late at 2.05 and Bhatt and Matt Hawkes opened together again and this time both were at the right ends.  First over and Bhatt gives away a cheap two runs on an outswinger.  Another outswinger, dot ball and finally the inswinger to the opening bat who misread it and tried to defend it but only managed to play on and he was walking back after four balls.  Hawkes wanted in on the action and bowling pace, his fourth ball was also defended but only to again be played on!  It was 2.11pm and the No.2 was walking back to the pavilion.  Spooky! Even spookier if we'd started on time!  Three quiet overs with only four singles scored before Hawkes got one to lift and Kay was on the ball to take a catch - his only one for the day as later on he had the simplest of catches to finish the innings of CSP but somehow managed to let it slip out, juggled it and then finally let it crash to the ground.  Anyway, back to the bowlers and Bhatt's next over first ball and the No.4 was walking back having not troubled the scorers (4 wickets for 5 runs!) but this only brought out their technically gifted youngsters to the crease.  We had to unsettle them but of course the only way to do that would be nice tight bowling.  Hawkes had bowled three overs with two wickets and no runs given!  Bhatt unfortunately had given five runs for his two wickets.  The No.5 for CSP was a strong V player and had stolen the strike to face Hawkes.  Hawkes pace, and a superbly timed hit through extra cover... but wait it's hit straight at Jacques Bolt's midriff and oh WOW what a superb catch! Somehow he not only managed to get his hands in the way but actually held onto it without breaking anything!  Champagne moment No.1!  5 wickets for 8 runs.  Bhatt then got another in his next over with another inswinger to the No.7 who made the mistake of telling him he was drunk from the night before - the ball pitched on his toes, hitting both pads and then off stump! 6 wickets for 22 runs.  Bhatt's next over saw another champagne moment as bowling a wide one to the No.6, he teased the batsman into a swish and the ball went flying to the gap between gully and point but Butt somehow managed to take a step to his right, stretch out his right hand and hold on to the ball!  Superb catch and off went Kamran on a lap of the table :)  Guess he didn't fancy running round the whole pitch!  Seven wickets down and 26 runs scored. No.8 and No.9 bats facing Bhatt and Hawkes on fire.  Hmmm, Hawkes and Bhatt then decided to bowl some spin as one had reared up to the scared No.9... apparently?  However, Bhatt still managed to get his 5 wickets getting one to pitch on leg and hit the pads in front of middle and leg.  He can spin as well you know ;)  Wilson
came on to bowl and teased their No.9 into a run that never was as Bhatt threw one in from midwicket and Josh took off the bails.  On came Bolt but he only managed to bowl four balls as he got the number 11 to sky one to Hawkes.  66 all out.

Tea was outdoors with CSP still arguing with the insurers about the fire-damaged clubhouse but a fine tea it was.

N2 went to bat knowing that it would not be easy on what has turned out to be a treacherous pitch... or was it just good bowling?

The trusted partnership of Dave Parker and Simon Dyer were sent out to get a steady start with 2 hours and 15 minutes plus 20 overs available to N2 in this time game.  Both batted well and were seeing the ball early on as runs seemed to come easy to them and after seven overs we were already on 33...  However, Parker was having none of that and having scored a nice 17 he was confused by the leggie and a faint edge went to the keeper.  1 wicket for 33.  No problem as we had Gavin Kay in at No.3.  Class batsman knew how to play the leg spinner and padded one away on his fifth ball... it hit the top of his pad, rolled up  his back then fell down and somehow trickled onto the stumps.  2 for 33.  That's ok, Butt was coming in at No.4.  He twatted the first ball to the rope and he was off the mark. Next ball he pushed at a straight one and popped it into the grateful mid-off's hands!  3 for 37... worrying.  Bolt was in at No.5 and he tried to play sensible.  A nice four through mid-wicket and he tried the same with the next ball... oh dear, 4 for 42.  Dyer was still there... hmmm, not for much longer and this game was getting silly.  He'd got frustrated having not scored for 22 balls and somehow tried to cut one off middle stump.  5 for 43... Josh Newham and Wilson at the crease now.  Both pinch hitters... ohoh :(  But wait, they both played sensibly and waited for the bad balls!  Then an almighty whack over mid-on by Josh facing the leggie gave him a six.   For some reason, the CSP skipper for the day took off his two lethal bowlers who had got all their 5 wickets in their eight overs together and thankfully Wilson and Newham hit a few fours and saw us over the line! Five for 68.

There was even time after tea to have a good old fashioned 15 over slog match.  Batting first, N2 set CSP a target of 95 to win with both Kay and Parker retiring having scored 27 and 25 respectively.  The game went to the last over with four needed and Bhatt bowled it.  No runs off the first five balls meant that four runs were needed to win but somehow CSP only got two.  Great two games.  With Simon managing to get himself on a hattrick after the first of his two overs even though he hasn't bowled for a long time!

Man of the match: Gavin Kay for an outstanding 75 as well as taking a catch behind, good fielding and even a wicket from bowling!  Natural all-rounder.

D. Parker - Caught 17
S, Dyer - Bowled 10
G. Kay - Bowled 0
K. Butt - Caught 4
J. Bolt - Bowled 4
J. Newham - NOT OUT 16
A. Wilson - NOT OUT 6
P. Dodd - DNB
M. Hawkes - DNB
S. Bhatt - DNB
R. Robertson - DNB
Extras 11
Total 68 for 5 from 17.2 overs

Bhatt -        9 overs - 1 maidens -  20 runs - 5 wicket(s)
Hawkes -    7          - 4                -  22         - 3
Wilson -      2          - 0                -  11         - 0
Bolt -        0.4          - 0                -  5          - 1
TOTAL       42         - 5                -  58        - 9         

Extras: 11
Wides 4
No balls 2
Byes 0
Leg Byes 5